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March 8, 2022, 8:59 a.m. -  watermonkey

I love the plus tires suck argument re: heavy and slow... but hey, shove this heavy af pool noodle in your wheels and run lower pressures for plus equivalent traction, because, you know, better.  Everyone is riding plus tires now, they're just not called plus tires.  Have you seen a Maxxis 2.8 next to their 2.5/2.6 offerings?  Virtually the same width tire, same for most all 2.8 "plus" tires. Are you running a 35mm ID rim?  Then you're on a plus rim.  Plus was adopted fully.  Granted, true plus tires might suck on gravity flow trails, but I'd rather be on fire than waste time rolling up or down an IMBA sanctioned/designed/built modern flow trail.  How many people shitting on plus tires actually bothered to get a pressure gauge that works accurately at lower pressures, then actually figured out what pressure works?  Very very few.

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