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Feb. 26, 2022, 6:43 p.m. -  Scott Smith

Battery life is completely relative to rider weight. My 130lb/59kg girlfriend, on a Turbo Levo, gets so much more range- no surprise. Lighter rider, lighter bike. Other things I've learned- based on my 2019 27.5" Norco Sight VLT (E8000 motor & 630 battery) - I replaced the stock shimano display with a Garmin 530 that shows battery % instead of bars. Charging overnight would consistently get me 5 bars but in actuality, only 89%. Charging <3.5hrs gets me 100% everytime. 11% battery is quite a lot of vert...So... don't leave your bike connected to the charger longer than necessary- or use a timer. Eco doesn't necessarily save you battery. The most efficient mode is when you can keep the cadence above 90rpm in the lowest assist mode. For me that's typically trail mode with short bursts in detuned boost mode- and using Eco with a slower cadence uses battery faster. At 185lbs (w/o gear) I know I can repeatedly get 4500-5000' / 1500 meters of singletrack vert climbing in trail mode. You'd think the newer motors would be more efficient- but a heavier bike/rider might not be. Don't be afraid of error codes and don't hesitate to tear the bike apart, clean the connections with contact cleaner and dialectric grease. This is no more complicated than bleeding brakes and needs to happen with the roughly same frequency. It's been cool to see the progression of eBike attitudes in these reviews. For me, my eBike will never replace my pedal bikes- but it's definitely killed my interest in lift-assist or shuttling.

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