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Feb. 24, 2022, 8:10 p.m. -  Ripbro

As a kid I would flip through the ads at the back mountain bike action and lust after a set of Kooka cranks. Mountain bikers haven’t changed, we are still suckers for colour, even if the product sucks. That and and a Mountain Cycle San Andreas. Spoiled for choice is right. If someone is looking for a new bike, they can just get the bike equipped with full Deore. They’re done, if they are looking to get great performance at a decent* price. At the same time, I’ve been contemplating a new fork for over a year now. My current fork isn’t quite right. I’ve reshimmed the damper, but alas, not good enough in the fast chunk. So should I get a Mezzer? The thread on mtbr is over 4000 posts long, those people seem to think so… A user named ‘Dougal’ is answering questions like he’s on salary. Maybe an ERA, they’re apparently the *&$\#, but its too expensive. Smashpot… And there hasn’t been a demo day in years. Not that a Mezzer, Era or smashpot would be available. Your not the only one loosing sleep :)

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