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Feb. 24, 2022, 9:28 a.m. -  grimwood

Nice review Trevor. My early experiences with my Marin Alpine E2 closely mirror your with the Range. One thing I have noticed is that the rides are not any easier, I just go faster. I try to tell myself to take it easy on the way up, but going fast is fun! I've found the Marin jumps fine, just as long as the lip is long enough to change the momentum of the e-bike. Short lips end up acting like small speed bumps vs a jump. I haven't done any long rides, but I figure I could get about 1600 m vert on Seymour if I don't run on boost. Most of the time, I'm out for a short lunch time rip and the e-bike works really well for that. Still get fun trails in a shorter time. Jerry brought up a good point above; an e-bike is fun, but I don't think many people would have it as their only bike. Meat powered bikes are just so much fun. One difference I've had to Trevor is with rotor size. I noticed a massive difference in hand comfort going from 200 to 220 mm rotors.

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