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Feb. 15, 2022, 1:08 p.m. -  Suns_PSD

After stirring up a lot of crap about internal routed brakes lines I guess I'm going to do it again here. 1) Yeti's shouldn't be on coils as they are much too linear. 2) Progression should be measured from 30% sag to 95%. The thing is that with the Cascade (love them btw) you get some solid overall progression at about 21%, but you basically get it all in the last 17% of travel. Which is good for bottoming resistance but creates some strange ramp up that is not a good situation for managing valving. That valving sees some wacky quickly changing forces which it can't effectively deal with. Like way too much compression at the end, then not enough rebound also at the end. 3) I'm not some huge jumper or anything, pretty average really. However I could not get enough progression on my SJ Evo with a coil & the Cascade. The Cascade with an air shock stuffed full of volume spacers on that bike is money however.  4) My advise is that unless you have a rather linear leverage rate of change (aka Horst Link,) AND 25%++ progression, stick to air shocks. They just work better.

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