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Feb. 11, 2022, 3:15 p.m. -  SilentG

Another data point from someone who enjoys the content here and seeing glimpses of PNW from Arizona is like reading a National Geographic or hearing someone talking about what it is like on the moon or another planet...super interesting but also hard to wrap my head around at times. I have used the Storia on a couple different frames and it isn't much more in weight than a Float X2 (the air kind). What is unique about the Storia in my experience is that it has a planted feel but as you push it harder and harder it seems like it makes the back-end calmer and calmer by tracking and tracking to the point where other than the shock making some noise you don't get as much of a 'on a coil over here' feel in a good way and it really does feel quite bottomless. Full disclosure - I am a habitual suspension flip flopper so I have tried all kinds of shocks and forks to help me figure out what I like by comparing and contrasting. There are probably better and less turbulent ways to do that but I'm not always the sharpest tool in the shed like that. I would say a Push 11.6 is your plush carpet ride feel, Ohlins TTX is not far off the Storia but the ride is a little different, kind of a halfway between the 11.6 and Storia, and the Storia is just controlled and the faster or more janky the better as the Storia never seems to flinch or if it does you don't notice it and you end up going 'eff it, I'm going to see what happens if I go over here or if I do this'. Highly confidence inspiring. I guess the best way to describe the Storia is that it is controlled and active at the same time and turns invisible so you don't notice it or feel it handling business until you hop on something else and then you miss it. I don't get that feeling from a whole heck of a lot of suspension...sure I like them and I remember the good times we had together but rarely do I pine away for a shock or fork but among shocks the Storia lives rent free in my head and heart.

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