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Feb. 8, 2022, 4:52 a.m. -  Lynx .

Have to mirror with Andrew here, a friend/client owned an SB5, lost balance and fell off a little cliff and cracked his rear ST, this was on a Sunday. I shot off an e-mail Sunday evening to them, Monday morning first thing I got a reply asking for a photo of the serial number, took that and sent it to them. Got an e-mail back saying no worries, would just need to pay for shipping, my friend does a lot of shipping, so has a FedEx account, asked if that would work, said fine. Had the new rear tri in my hands Thursday and installed and the guy was riding the following weekend and this is down to the Caribbean. Same guy managed to crack that same frame a few years later and they hooked him up with a crash replacement for a serious discount, like major and that was also no hassle, except that they didn't have the front tri (which was  broke) to match his rear, so sent a complete frame. Oh and to be clear, this was all dealing direct with Yeti for the stay replacement and Competitive/Outside Outfitters for the frame replacement. Have seen loads of negative comments about Yeti CS, but does not mirror my experience, maybe my being honest and upfront about it being rider error and not trying to claim "just riding along and it broke" like I think a lot of people do, helped.

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