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Jan. 14, 2022, 2:57 p.m. -  rotorburn

My post used to make what looked like aluminum anti-seize paste after a few months. I found that the keys were grinding the inner post in the non-anodized key slots when it was actuated, which then creates a grinding-paste like substance that destroys your upper seals pretty quickly. I put some epoxy in the key slots to fix it in place, and that's been a good solution thus far, but I wish they had a better solution. For me it still wins for the intersection of: long length, small clamp height, cheapish, available, servicable, durable, good support. I'm sure there are high end ones that also perform well (Fox, BikeYoke), but this is just so much better than my prior ones that I'm pretty happy. Perhaps 3-4 quick (5-10 min) cleanings per year, some new gear every couple years (seals, etc). I've gone through a couple cartridges, but I guess that's ok as well. I'll probably rebuild the cart next time now that I have more intel.

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