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Jan. 11, 2022, 8:50 a.m. -  cxfahrer

Anyone got an idea from where to get that 8mm (?) O-ring in the valve? I know this size O-ring is used somewhere else....but where? My old 210 had the chairlift issue (hanging the bike on the chairlift with the seatpost lowered), and I just disassembled it and found out that this O-ring was torn. For testing I put an O-ring from an SV/AV adapter in, but it is not perfect - the post comes out 10mm and I dont know whether the O-ring is oil resistant. FYI it was about 30min putting it apart and together again. Only "special" tools needed were a good vice with soft claws and those pliers mentioned above. The 8mm spanner wanted to destroy the socket (Loctite?), I helped myself with two nuts on the threading. For the refilling of the oil I just topped it out with the cartridge upside down. No need to bleed it.

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