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Oct. 19, 2015, 11:37 p.m. -  earl

#!markdown Cam I was at this years event shooting and watched the medivac heli land near Paul B. They clearly didn't want to move him off the mtn any other way. How the announcers were told he was ok is beyond me. I talked with Cam and Amanda at the movie premiere in Springdale that night about Paul. It was serious, very serious and through tears and hugs we hoped for the best. He's making progress already which is amazing. As for Marks situation he didn't have pro athlete coverage for when you compete in events when money is involved. Sadly at this Rampage 10 riders were injured with 7 going to hospital, three of which had to stay in. The Euro's even elected to go home for surgery rather than deal with the extra cost of the American system. I saw Red Bull photograph the medical cards at athlete checkin to make sure they had coverage for the event. I covered Marks issue in this piece: <> Things need to change at Rampage and hopefully this years injuries will spur that?

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