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Jan. 3, 2022, 8:05 a.m. -  taprider

I am also of the opinion that MIPS is not for me. I don't like the rattleiniss, extra weight, and poor fit (especially when lights or other things are mounted to the helmet). About 40 years ago I face-planted with an open-face moto helmet with a really stiff visor (likely constructed that way to keep branches from ripping it off) and the visor was so strong that it kept my nose from contacting the ground as I watched the gravel skid by under my goggled eyes. For a modern bike helmet I would rather have lots of foam backing up the visor, or just extra visor-like foam over my forehead like with some kids helmets. I saw a crash study that shows that the majority of crashes serious enough to crush or crack the foam are to the forehead, or sides of the forehead area (your results might be different if you crash mainly in skate parks, and not on the road or trails) Also for people that instinctively tuck and roll, MIPS is likely less important. Even adults can be taught to tuck and roll (I missed out on not spending a coaching session telling my adult riders to armour up, leave their bikes behind, and practice falling/throwing themselves down a grassy slope. I actually got the idea from ice axe training with the Alpine Club of Canada, where we stood at the top of an icy slope and practiced falling in all orientations then trying to self arrest as quick as possible. I still put the ice axe training to use and use my handlebars at times to absorb bike crashes)

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