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Dec. 24, 2021, 1 p.m. -  Larrabee

“I get some flack about my push-on grip evangelism, so it’s always a nice bump to hear folks read/tried/loved.” Thanks to you, Andrew, I switched from push-on Renthal Kevlar grips to the black Renthal Ultra Tacky ones, well glued and with 5(!) wire wraps on each (belt and suspenders FTW!). This on my Murmur, so you know I’m “out there”.  I donated my spare Kevlar grips, glue, lock wire and labour to my buddy — fitting those to his Chameleon.   That’s a good gift: show up and put on new grips for a friend.  Thanks for a whole year of useful info (I’m now on an SQ-Labs 610 Ergo saddle!), and “mass quantities” of entertainment.

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