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Dec. 9, 2021, 8:02 a.m. -  mtmc99

I think a pure XC like format would end up skewing massively towards the lighter riders because the max assist is equal for all riders. For example, two riders with a 4:1 W/kg one rider weighing 62.5kg and the other weighing 100kgs. The lighter rider would have an output of 250W to obtain the 4:1 ratio, and the 100kg rider would be 400W to achieve that ratio. If both riders get a 250W boost, the lighter rider would have an 8:1 W/kg ratio and the heavier rider would have a 6.5W/kg. If both are riding at the limit the lighter rider would absolutely pants the heavier rider on a climb even though they both had the same base fitness level. Obviously, no one at the highest level is weighing 100kgs (meanwhile I wish I was down at that weight) but I chose those numbers to highlight the disparity that would show up for different sized riders. The fun run style event describe in this article seems like the perfect fit for an eBike event. It allows for competitive spirit but focus on some other aspects of riding to keep a relatively even field.

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