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Jan. 18, 2017, 3:49 p.m. -  Ash Bocast

#!markdown As a female who has worked for several bike brands (and yes, full disclosure, two of them the women specific brands you mentioned in this article)…this article makes me want to puke. Do women need women specific bikes? I personally don't mind bikes that fit me, whatever the brand or gender specificity behind the design, but more to the point…how about women needing companies and brands that support them? I understand this article is meant to be funny…maybe it was a "had to be there" moment to really get it. What is ridiculous about this article is that it blatantly mocks the brands and programs that women (and men) in this industry have poured a lot of resources, time, money, and heart into getting more women out riding. So you don't agree with it? Great. Don't ride their bikes. Prana makes women's-specific clothing. Nike, women's shoes. They both (gasp) market to women. Where is the "funny" article on that atrocity? Also, the next time you decide to act like a dunce and put together some ridiculous article with a bunch of opinions from obviously uneducated people…maybe do some research? Maybe talk to teams at these companies and find out that yeah…they are trying to sell bikes…but they actually give a lot of fucks about the women who ride them. And, in some cases, they pour an insane amount of resources into actually making the bikes different, primarily based on rider feedback (I know because I've been one of those riders). Or maybe talk to the thousands of women who do ride "women specific" bikes and ask why they choose to support the brands that support them instead of getting the opinions of three women who feel superior to us weaklings that ride women's bikes? Lastly, to the women who support this article. For shame. Why cut down the few brands in the industry actually trying to support you as a rider?

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