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Dec. 1, 2021, 8:18 a.m. -  AndrewR

I can confirm that the Cascade Components link for the Sight makes an awesome bike even more awesome-er for a 95 kg 6'2" rider on an XL on steep and chunky Sea to Sky trails. It provides a more sensitive bottom end (initial stroke), which is most noticeable when climbing slimy, janky tech trails; a slightly better mid travel support (not that this is an issue with the RS Super Deluxe) and a smidge more pop; and the bottom out is almost un-noticeable (more of a case of "oh the o-ring has popped of the shock tube").  Did I notice the travel increase to 155 mm - not really. But I also used full travel and never contacted the frame with the rear tyre/ wheel. It does add almost half a pound to the bike (didn't notice it - just stating that fact - if you are a weight weenie you probably aren't on a Sight anyway). The Sight version is not as sexy as it could be, being formed from three pieces and connected with some non titanium (cue "intake of breath from shock) bolts. I bet they could machine a one piece that is lighter and sexier but I am guessing that it would take a lot more machine time which must be the largest component of the cost. I was informed, in clear Canadian English, that using the link would void my frame warranty (but no reason offered, I am guessing that it is because the frame has been tested with the OE link and not the Cascade link). And it is ano purple - like all good aluminium components should be \#1993forever \#orangeisafruit

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