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Nov. 28, 2021, 1:08 p.m. -  AndrewR

I tried the Tannus Tubelss insert with my We Are One wheels on my Sight and Optic and quite frankly they did not do anything to allow a lower tyre pressure (20-22 psi front and 22-25 psi rear Michelin WILD Enduro GUM-X tyres) so they got ditched as 'not worth the additional pfaff' for no real reward (* for my riding style and terrain). I have installed them on my e-Sight (I know I know!) as it came with a DT Swiss Hybrid 1700 wheel set and I don't love the e-Sight enough to warrant another set of We Are One wheels. (the e-Sight is a necessary work related 'evil' in my life - I get quite a few e-bike trail guiding/ coaching days through the summer and loath riding a loaner bike, that is off in the set up/ fit, even more than I generally loath the idea of owning an e-bike). I see the Tannus as an effective way to preserve an alloy rim on a heavy-as e-bike, especially whilst I learn to ride it properly ie timing of pops, manuals and jumps etc. I can see a few heavy hits in its future and I had the Tannus Tubeless sitting in the workshop as I hadn't got around to selling them yet. I also dabbled with Cushcore XC and they did allow a lowering of 1-2 psi and provided better run-flat side wall support, not as much as the Pro version but the XC version was only 9/10 on the hernia install and pfaff scale versus the 10/10 on the scale for the Pro (including using a tyre fitting trash can and the Cushcore tyre lever/ threatener!).  By comparison the Tannus Tubeless are about a 5/10 on the same scale. The Tannus do scar up from use so I expect that they have an obvious fatigue life.

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