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Nov. 12, 2021, 10:43 p.m. -  LWK

This was great!  I've also been riding for 30+ years and was in a bit of a funk all summer.  I had great intentions but the MTB trips I was looking forward to got cancelled for various reasons, I was really busy in the spring and my fitness never did catch up, I didnt have much motivation to ride my local (very XC) trails I've ridden a million times and at some point I was kind of like "eff it".   Couple of things helped me get my mojo back this fall.  One, spent a week camping at Tyax lodge with my wife in Sept.  It wasnt a bike focused trip but I did some riding including one long(ish) day.  It really came back to me why I love riding my bike.  Second thing was that I had bought a packraft and while I had a blast learning new skills this summer I was reminded it can suck to be a novice.  It made me realize and appreciate that I can ride my bike at a (relatively) high level while managing the risks.  For me, that is valuable and something I dont want to lose. Totally agree that having an off season is important.

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