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Jan. 18, 2017, 4:48 p.m. -  DrewM

#!markdown Hello Ash, I take no issue if you'd like to sh*t all over me but I think unfair to attack other people who participated in the piece with the understanding that they were contributing to something that was made with every intention to be a funny opinion piece. I may be a "dunce" but I spoke to a lot of women in tackling this article - not just four. Which was always intended to be a humorous way to deliver the critique that a lot of women riders share about how products in the bike industry are marketed to them. I asked four female friends who ride, who are around bikes, and who I think are funny to help me with some quotes. If anything is an "atrocity" it's that for the overwhelmingly positive feedback I've received about bringing some levity to a discussion about marketing to women comments like yours are what people will focus on. Any references in the quotes they made about respective riding abilities were exaggerated and entirely in jest. Re. Prana, Nike, etc. I write, part time, about mountain bikes. I love the contributions that, for example, Liv has made in BC to women's riding, or Trek with the Dirt Series, or Bell with Joyride. These are amazing programs and any time a company is putting their marketing money into growing the cycling community (events, races, trail building) that is commendable. The point I was trying to make - with humour - was specifically about woman's specific bikes and how they are marketed. My intentions were not malicious but I understand it's a fine line. The vast majority of people I've heard from via various feedback channels - both riders and industry folks - including as I noted to Dave/Dirk a number of women - thought it was funny. Maybe, as Dave notes, I just have a really good echo chamber. Some thought it is was Really funny. Some thought it was a little bit funny. You didn't think it was funny at all. That's how it goes. I'm going to go write some apologies for leading my friends into this… Happy Trails.

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