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Oct. 18, 2021, 9:38 a.m. -  Pete Roggeman

That seems like a pretty good stab at a definition, Allen. I share the same difficulty in defining it, and always have, but I'm at peace with that position. It may be easier to pin down what freeride is by first settling on what it isn't:  Freeride isn't racing. It is not a race against the clock. Gates don't define where you turn (Rampage has start and finish gates but none in between). Freeride isn't trail riding. But you can freeride while riding on a trail (this is where the definition starts to get fuzzy for me). In my old school view of freeride, it isn't competition at all. Early versions of Rampage were criticized by some as trying to force freeride to fit within the confines of competition - commercialization, sponsorship, blah blah blah. And tbh, I somewhat agree, except that without Rampage, we wouldn't have had the consistent level of progression we've seen - consistent if you chart it on a graph, but Rampage's contributions to progression look more like jagged upward spikes on that same chart.  Obviously, there are lots of other things contributing to the progression of the sport - athletes and creators have various incentives to attract attention, but if the status quo is a slow rolling boil, Rampage is like a pressure cooker.

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