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Oct. 12, 2021, 11:57 p.m. -  fartymarty

Honzo with a wheel swap??? I've had so many of these.  I generally try and sort it the night before the ride even at the expense of sleep - and a good night in front of the telly with the missus (I'm only swapping a couple of tyres it should only take half an hour - 3 hours later I come in sweaty and covered in sealant)... My worst fails are usually with tubeless and tyre swaps.  Just when I think I've got a set of tyres aired up and sealed (usually just after midnight) I'm rudely awoken in the morning of the ride with a flat tyre (or tyres if I'm really lucky).  It's at that point the other bike gets taken on the ride - usually the HT.  And damn me if I'm going to put a tube in that thing, I'd rather fill it with a litre of Stans. Ah the joys of bikes (I do secretly love it tho).

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