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Oct. 12, 2021, 11:17 p.m. -  Sanesh Iyer

Awesome, all my bikes are negative carbon!  Im really glad Trek put out this report. I've been doing a little LCA recently and it's an immense amount of work. It really takes committment.  The report is far from perfect, it would have been great if it was done to iso 14001 and the system boundaries discussed. This type of work is utterly meaningless without system boundaries (except for comparative effects). My only source of confidence here is that the numbers are largely similar to those released by Specialized and Duke university, so the methods must be similar. I would have liked them to evaluate more parameters other than CO2.  One other thing is durability. From my experience the number one killer of longevity is bearing bores. I bought an aluminum frame because I find I can put more bearings into an Alu frame. Besides that, is recyclability. I'd like to see companies create a more circular system. Imagine if you're 7000 series Alu MTb could be recycled into a cheaper casual bike. The dream. But yeah. Bikes are small. We need to look at the driving involved in the sport too. Ride your bike from home. It's more possible than you think.

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