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Oct. 12, 2021, 8:51 a.m. -  Greg Bly

It's a luxury. All first world luxury is temporary satisfaction with long term complications.  It's our love of cars and trucks. Vehicles that weigh tonnes to haul Bodies that weigh in kilos.  Then we commute long distances for that desired job.   Well I don't. I ride a ten year old mountain bike with the goal of a sustainable bike . It's not difficult.  Each automobile running on fossil fuel releases litteraly tonnes of Co2 . Each year. How much from a carbon fiber bike?   I refuse work that involves long commutes.    It's out unbelievably wasteful lifestyles that destroy our own environment.   Yes I'm a part of that greedy consumer lifestyle.  More material shite than I know what to do with .  That material shite is what we are brainwashed to believe will give us happiness.   Sort of ironic me looking at new stuff on this site. It's refreshing to know that this site has Andrew . A man that lives a practical life and often the discussion is about sustainable parts and the joy of riding.   In conclusion you , I , we are the problem . Pointing fingers at something else is easy and a great way to stay ignorant and not change.

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