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Oct. 11, 2021, 10:11 a.m. -  Dan

I can’t see the value either. I can’t sort out why RS didn’t just come up with LS compression on more of its suspension offerings to achieve essentially the same outcome with a far less complex outcome. Oh wait, because dollars. All I see is a huge spendy crutch.  Also… re ebikes… I actually think this system would make the ebike experience \*worse\* because stiffening the suspension would adversely impact traction especially when climbing. I’ve put in about a dozen rides on two (drastically) different eMTBs and found they worked ‘best’ when climbing while seated and keeping a high-ish cadence. So yeah while the hypothetical American endodontist would probably check the ‘Flight Attendant” option box on his S-Works Levo SL build, he might soon come to regret the expense. Or not. Who knows.

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