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Oct. 9, 2021, 11:58 a.m. -  Peter Leeds

My 2001 Ellsworth Dare had a 20mm thru axle rear end; at a time only one other bike did: the SC Super 8. One of only two I knew of hubs that would cut it was Razor Rock Racing.  They made aftermarket levers for Hayes brakes that were popular.  The hubs were shit.  Poorly sealed, poorly engineered with too few bearings in the rear for stability on the free hub.  20mm didn't leave much room for bearings of any sort....constantly had to take the wheel off to readjust the side load on the hub.  Front wasn't too bad but front hubs are impossible to screw up.  Company went under not long after.  Now you know why the 12mm standard is what it is.

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