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Oct. 8, 2021, 3:04 p.m. -  Crash_Flakenberger

Man oh man, I could not agree more.  Maybe because I'm old and cranky, but whatever happened to people following basic mtn bike trail etiquette?  It's really easy.  If you're on a bike, yield to everything else on the trail....walkers, runners, horse riders....and if you're going downhill and a rider is coming uphill, just freakin' let the climber by. I'm old (and cranky...did I mention that?) enough to remember when trail access was a hell of a battle.   Now we are on equal standing with all those others that love the trails in the woods on many multi-use trails.  With so many new riders, I get they wouldn't necessarily have been educated on that.  In the old days, the riding community was really small and people filled in other new riders on how to be nice on the trail (and not lose hard won access).  But a polite, "you might not have heard of this, but here's the general way to keep trail access...." How hard is it to remember that basic niceness to others? (unless you're me and forget stuff all the time...where are my keys??) ![IMBA rules of the trail](

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