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Oct. 7, 2021, 12:13 p.m. -  Andeh

I've seen other people complaining about this issue on MTBR & TGR.  I'm certain the tire beads are fully seated (have pulled valve core out and visually inspected the bead).  My guess is that the insert itself is not evenly aligned in the center channel, or has a crease in it from packaging that causes it to push on the sidewall in a particular location.  I'm going to try removing the tire tonight without disturbing the insert to see if I can tell what's going on. I'm running Union rims and it's a brand new Maxxis Dissector DD, so nothing unusual.  Same rim and I think a DHR DD when I had this happen in the spring.  That time, I seated the insert first, then the tire over it one side at a time like you would Cushcore.

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