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Oct. 7, 2021, 9:39 a.m. -  Zero-cool

Too many to mention, but a brand new pair of Tioga Team DH tyres were possibly the worst thing I’ve ever put on a bike. As grippy as butter and when I eventually got fed up with them I had to cut them off the WTB rims with a Stanley knife after breaking 3 Park tool tyre levers, a Continental one, a pair of Pedros and bending the metal ones I borrowed from the local shop.  And a pair of Marzocchi SL ATA 66s that performed great but they would have some kind of catastrophic failure on the first day of any alpine trip away.  The penultimate year I was only saved because a friend of a friend knew one of the Marz DH mechanics was popping in to Morzine to visit his girlfriend the next day who had the (now obsolete) I needed   The following year I added a few PSI to the mystery scrader valve on the bottom of one leg and something popped!  After that they never ever worked again. I could never find a service manual for them to this day   Or the Marzocchi AM3s which felt plush as anything but had now rebound to adjust.  Or the Thompson X4 stem with the tiny bolts.  Still a fan of all my other Marzocchi forks I’ve had.

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