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Oct. 7, 2021, 9:28 a.m. -  Metacomet

I've actually had quite good luck with the tubed Tannus Armor on mine, and my sons DH bikes.  It's been very set and forget and has as good puncture resistance as I could possibly ask for within reason.  They're heavy, but I just want to ride DH with as little concern for puncturing as possible.  And they work well enough as a run flat to get down the mountain without breaking your rims, and are a quick and clean tube change once you get to the bottom.  I'm wondering if you kept pinching the tube during the install, as I have found the install process to be quite difficult since its so much material to cram into the center channel and keep organized, and also avoid pinching the tube when you are getting the last few inches of tire-bead back over the rim.  I have to first mount the tire either tubeless or tubed without the insert to get the bead seated, break the bead off one side, and then install the insert and tube.  That way I have the most amount of room possible for the insert and tube, and most importantly room to get the tire bead into the channel and over the last few inches rim without resorting to going full ape with the tire levers.

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