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Oct. 7, 2021, 9:19 a.m. -  Greg Bly

What was the name of the Marz repair shop ? Torca?   Anyways I remember seeing hundreds of old damping carts ready to be recycled.  And an inverted fork with carbonfibre crown. Wade would sometimes be hanging around .   I got lucky had Super T fork and many 55 forks. The 55 chassis could accommodate many different parts .  The ATA damper is a sealed piece of junk . Personally I still don't like how air springs feel.  For forks.  My 55 rc3 ti has chrome bubbling off the stantions. It's done.  If I found another in exelent shape I would throw it on. I love a fork that stays consistent in feel and is easy to rebuild.   Far too many reviews of new fork test were the fork had issues and needed to be addressed through warranty and a trip to the shop.  Not my idea of a reliable fork .

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