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Oct. 7, 2021, 5:56 a.m. -  kcy4130

Ha! I think that's what I had. Came stock on a 2003 Rocky mountain Slayer. My brother still has the bike I think. That fork was pretty annoying. The air in the negative chamber would leak into the positive chamber over a couple hours. Without negative air it felt completely terrible, like locked out, topped out until a big enough hit, then it'd blow thru it's travel. So on longer rides I'd have to stop to refill the negative air once or twice, or just ride it feeling like crap after the first hour or so of a ride. Plus positive air would become over pressured from the negative air leaking into it, so it'd have to be adjusted every so often too. Hucking it of retaining walls to flat, bottoming the fork with a hammer on anvil sound, good times.

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