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Oct. 6, 2021, 1:32 p.m. -  IslandLife

I'd be interested to here a long term drivetrain durability comparison, not just between XT, SLX and Deore (don't think there's much to be gained from XTR for the price) but also against and between NX/GX/X0 (again, not enough gain from what you spend on XX1... and SX isn't worth talking about is it?). So far I've only been able to run SRAM (NX, GX and X0) for long periods.  NX = heavy... but actually just fine once you sort the B-bolt issues (either with a X0 or XX1 B-bolt or even just a good wavy washer... fixes it up nicely), GX - lighter, and seems to run forever, works great.  X0 - seems to run even longer than forever... is even lighter and works a tiny bit better than GX, but is it worth the hefty price bump from GX??  I think that entirely depends on what you do with your bike.  Keep if for at least 3+ years of heavy use?  Then X0 is might be worth the durability gains if budget allows.  Do you sell your bike after a year or two?  Then probably best to stick with GX (or even NX is you care little about weight + a b-bolt) I'd say... maybe mix in the X0 shifter.   I also find so many anecdotal comments that praise a component for no other reason than that's what came on their bike or what they paid for and now feel they have to justify it's performance to make them selves feel good.  Thank you for articles like this... love it!

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