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Oct. 5, 2021, 3:16 p.m. -  trailrange7

I’ll start with something we agree with (hell, beyond the deeper thesis of the article). You seem to bash the enduro-bro attitude that many mountain bikers have. I completely agree that a rude, brisk, and unwelcoming attitude is errr, well, unwelcome. However, I feel that your writing comes across as just that and more: elitist, all knowing, and condescending. Truth be told, you probably do know better than me, and many of us in the comments, but one thing I particularly like about NSMB is that the community is much more welcoming and open than that of another certain mountain bike website (Rhymes with stinkbike). In this article, that doesn’t seem to come across quite as well. I know this is just one article, but nonetheless, it’s something which I don’t really enjoy. Furthermore, I think the statement “"some bed wetter sitting behind a desk” is pretty stupid. I don’t work in public administration (am a student), but when you use inflammatory statements like that, being fully aware that people scour forums to fuel anti MTB sentiments, it damages your credibility given that you’re feeding into that to begin with.

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