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Oct. 5, 2021, 10:52 a.m. -  TonyJ

Thanks for this. The ENTRANCE AND EXIT rules are the most important to me, the entrance is covered for a reason, so it the exit, if you can't walk 50 yards to get in and out, then don't ride the trail. I am constantly covering entrances and exits of other peoples trails, even if I am just riding past to somewhere else. This is extremely frustrating for me and spoils my mood during a ride, then my friends have to listen to me rant for the next 10 minutes, so I spoil their mood as well. The other one is, respect the builder if they closed the trail in the winter, this is done so the trail lasts longer than a year or two. It takes a lot of work to close and re-open the trail, respect the work that goes into this.

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