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Oct. 2, 2021, 12:08 a.m. -  Reed Holden

I've been very interested in what consequences riders are willing to take in order to attempt challenges on their bike. Friday fails is a great example of this. I think of my riding as a fraction; skill on top, consequences on the bottom. I may have the skill to pull a move 9/10 times but if the consequences are too high, it still doesn't make sense for me to try. I just watched Brage Vestavik's extended cut for his x-games video. I wouldn't be willing to take one of the crashes/falls he took in filming that video and he must have taken hundreds of them! He also broke his leg! I sometimes wish more riders would post the videos of their crashes/attempts. It gives a lot of context in terms of the failures required to pull off what they do. When you watch a mtb video, you are tricked into thinking everything was ridden perfectly when in reality there was a lot of crashing involved in creating the video. Danny Macaskill is another one who shows a "blooper real." It's really sobering for me and crushes any desire I have to develop high risk mtb skills.

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