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Sept. 30, 2021, 3:04 p.m. -  Allen Lloyd

This past weekend we rode a new to us bike park and one of the tech lines had a short shoot that spooked me so I walked it.  Later in the day we rode that trail a second time.  We got to the bottom and couldn't even remember riding the same feature.   I have found that my brain almost perfectly captures everything about features I can't ride.  There is a drop that got in my head and I swear I knew the placement of each nail in the feature.  Then I rode it and now I just think of it as an easy drop.  Currently in my head is another shoot that I have walked a couple times.  I know the entrance and the whole sequence needed to get through it, I can even vividly feel my gut tied in knots just thinking about it.   Having something just outside my abilities is a gift, most nights I fall asleep walking through lines in my head convincing myself that I will ride them next time.

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