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Sept. 22, 2021, 11:38 a.m. -  LoamLab

Hey Khai, As Pete noted, the handguards you've seen around for a long while are more about brush protection and protecting the front or your hand. Whereas the Counterpunch is intended for preventing crashes and injury from tree strikes. It might seem like it wouldn't protect much, but if you take a look at the video here []( you can see it in action striking a large tree quite far over, where you'd normally crack all your knuckles and likely end up in a world of hurt in a pile next to the tree. Unless you strike a tree past the centreline, the Counterpunch provides protection, and resists hanging up. Curved surface meeting a round tree trunk = slip and slide. It's quite likely the other plastic hand guards would also slide, but not without first folding until it strikes your hand, potentially leading to an injury, or at least a rather distracting amount of discomfort. Also, many people have described the Counterpunch as "spd's for your hands" and love the feel of something to push against, which the other style does not offer. Looks are personal, so that's for the beholder to decide, but the Counterpunch offers a stark alternative in that department as well. And since brush is usually less of a 'season ender' than a savage tree strike, you may decide the more discrete look provides all the protection you want, and hand stability you didn't know you wanted til you felt it.

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