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Sept. 15, 2021, 5:03 p.m. -  ShawMac

I bought the counterpunch and had them on for one ride. Hooked tree bark within 5 minutes that my regular bar would have just bounced off. It made me notice that I don't ride with my pinkies right out of the end of the bar, so they were pointless for me personally. If I cut my bars down further and tightened up the space between the counterpunch and the inside of the grip it might work for my small hands, but I didn't really want to cut down some carbon bars that already feel right. Definitely has more potential to hook when there is a space between the knuckle and counter punch, but it definitely did grab a tighter hold on tree bark rather than bumping off of it like my plain plastic bar end plugs do. At high speeds that would save a pinky though if you do have your hands all the way on the edge

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