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Sept. 15, 2021, 11:29 a.m. -  jdt

I thought that too at first glance. However, once you put your hand on the bars and ride a bit, it becomes clear that snagging is not an issue. The nubs are actually a rounded surface pointed slightly inboard at the end, and they basically sit flush against your pinky rather than sticking out. Only way to snag is if you take your hand off the bar, at which point you're probably screwed anyway - or by striking farther inboard - again, if that happens you're likely in trouble already. Think of it as pinky-armor rather than a bar extension. This is why control set -up is key, as you establish a more specific position for the hand, rather than having extra grip-length to wander upon. I've now put them to the test numerous times and can say the only snag issues I encountered were catching loopy brake-cable on my other bikes as I hang them on the rack.

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