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Sept. 14, 2021, 12:13 p.m. -  RNAYEL

The difference in frame weight is negligible (8.7lbs T vs 8.2lbs P).   I think that a Titan built up with a 160mm fork and the Fox X2 that it ships with would be awesome for your application. Both frames have a flip chip (see rear triangle pic above), so you can swap the settings as the terrain dictates. It's a 5 minute job that requires removing the rear wheel (for me at least), although, I'm sure that Andrew Major could Jedi some way into flipping the chip while mounted. You can slap on some lighter/better rolling tires for riding at home and then some DH tires for the bike park, when you're in Silverstar / Whistler. That being said, the Prime is a great bike but you likely prefer to rent something for your park days.

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