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Sept. 14, 2021, 9:34 a.m. -  Pete Roggeman

Not my intention at all and this may be a bit of an overreach in this context, but if you or anyone was offended, I apologize. I did a little looking around and the ADL has added the OK hand symbol to its list of potential hate gestures (as was mentioned in the link you included), but there's also been very little written or said about it since that happened in 2019 other than a few controversial appearances of the gesture by prominent people with obvious white supremacist tendencies. I actually wasn't aware of the hand gesture's negative connotation, so thanks for pointing it out, but I think it's telling that even very liberal companies like Apple still have the OK emoji available for use across their devices, so they clearly don't think it's universally offensive. Wikipedia actually was an interesting glimpse into how many different meanings the gesture has around the world: []( I changed the image because I'm not falling on that sword and it was a very simple way to show that the ok symbol in the original title photo wasn't intended in that way, but no one that follows this site or its content would accuse us of white supremacy or hate speech. Still, as I said, if you felt the need to point it out, it's possible someone could misinterpret it or be offended, including you, and I certainly don't want that. Let's get back to talking about gear now, please.

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