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Sept. 13, 2021, 4:53 a.m. -  TristanC

I only started mountain biking three or four years ago, coming from a touring background. I ran clipless for the first two years, but then got a nagging knee pain that seemed to come from the lack of float or the foot positioning or something. Now all my bikes have flats, my knees feel great, and I don't miss clipless one bit. I don't buy there's a difference in power, run whatever works for you. It's worth it for the confused looks when I roll out of a 250-mile ride on flats, too - like it's some kind of superhuman feat to keep your feet on the pedals for that long. I also enjoy the comically large [Pedaling Innovations Catalysts](; I've got those on my mountain/fat & gravel bikes, and Race Face Chesters on the commuter.

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