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Sept. 8, 2021, 9 a.m. -  Todd Hellinga

was on that trip and also had just clothes in my 6L topeak seatbag, with a DP mount to keep the strap off the post, although in a compression bag to keep things small. Tried to not max it out so that I could keep it as compact and taught as possible, pretty satisfied with how it worked, although the occasional buzzing of the tire and keeping the post up a bit more than desired wasn't perfect it certainly wasn't terrible. 2 guys did minimal bags on bikes and just packs, and I had 22L daypack and 3 things on bike, would probably try and get a 30L pack next time and try and reduce weight on bike. Definitely something you need to just experience and figure out what works best for the type of riding/days you're going to be doing.

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