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Sept. 3, 2021, 9:36 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Hi Tim, Rather than being a feature or a big it’s a quirk. You just scroll up and hit reply on the last comment in the thread with a reply button and it drops your text in at the bottom of the thread. I’ll certainly watch for the shock teardown and I have no qualms about you posting the links here. Everything I write for NSMB is intended as a conversation starter as opposed to a final word as proper organic conversations go where they may.  If I can make a recommendation it would be to include extra wear parts with the bikes (seals, bushings) even if most people won’t need them or they’ll be easy to source and have a support plan in place because salty folks like me are always going to hit on it. Not intending to be an asshat but just because I like to see the whole story. If the shocks are easily serviceable at home that’s a huge bonus but it usually comes down to easily serviceable for whom. Certainly when your products success grows to the point of production and you’re sending out bikes to media I would love to take one apart and put it back together (and ride it too).  I’m going to leave the Maverick talk where it is if that’s cool. Some dead things are best left buried perhaps… as my friend Jac would say: 9ft deep, with a house pet buried 3ft deep above them to eliminate the effectiveness of the cadaver dogs.

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