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Sept. 3, 2021, 9:12 a.m. -  Tim Lane

@Andrew Major, apparently our conversation thread closed before giving me a chance to respond. I'm not sure if that's a feature or a bug, but it seems worth looking into. I hear you on the comparison to the Maverick, they stiffened up when you stood up which is the opposite of what I want. My point was that their shocks, which were longer lasting than the chassis', and were also serviceable (mostly) without special tools. The shocks customer support improved as the company grew, and it probably would have improved further if GT hadn't sued them out of existance with the iDrive patent. Off the top of my head I know at least 2 places in the US who would service them, 1 in the UK, and parts were available for years (maybe they still are) through an outfit in Colorado; and I looked at the manuals online recently for inspiration for my own shock (though it didn't really provide any). As I mention on my [**main page**](, there will be teardown videos and manuals. There's another discussion of the shock on Beta's site, and on MTBR, and to a lesser extent on PB (I've not posted the links here, because I'm not sure whether that's cool or not). Oh, and perhaps you hadn't realized, the reason I posted this is that my bike has a "crate" rear end. ![](

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