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Sept. 3, 2021, 6:49 a.m. -  Tim Lane

The same concerns might present if an idler assembly wears out on a bike made by a small manufacturer. For the first year or two Maverick made their own shock (M*Bits), then Fox took over. Before covid I was talking with some of the established suspension manufacturers and had hoped to work with the them, but because of the current supply chain delays some of them are now facing a 600 day lead time for OEM delivery. This is not a great time for them to focus on my project, and it's not smart for me to rely on that. So, rather than wait for 2 years (to possibly then learn it could be longer), I can start this by making my own shock - the parts are simpler to machine compared with an eyelet shock (or an idler sprocket). I've consulted with the earliest founders of MTB suspension, and the most respected gurus in motorcycle suspension, and since launch I've been approached by industry guys with ideas of suspension OEMs who might have some capacity.

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