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Sept. 2, 2021, 8:57 p.m. -  Andrew Major

I checked out your Kickstarter already and I'm certainly not saying the concept isn't interesting. I see the breakdown of the tools needed to service your shock; however, I checked again and I don't see a breakdown of the individual shock components.  Re. seals, it's cool that they're readily available. What about other wear items, for example, the bushings? Are the rest of the hard parts custom made or is there overlap with existing suspension products?  I may be missing a page or some information, but it's hard to have an informed discussion without seeing a teardown.  I don't think any wrenches are currently worried about having customers looking for service; however, trying to manage expectations around products that can no longer be supported at a shop or manufacturer level sucks.  For example, I personally was very impressed with the performance of the Fox/Cannondale DYAD rear shock but I'm very glad I don't own a bike that came spec with one as factory support for hard parts lasted a couple of years at best after production ceased and there's no aftermarket replacement option for a proprietary pull shock (I mean, technically you could fit a DT Swiss EQ in there but those were only supported for a few years after Scott switched back to push shocks too).  In both cases (DYAD and EQ) a lack of seal kits wasn’t the downfall. I'm guessing anyone who's been a wrench in these situations has an answer for the query, so I'm interested in yours.  Cheers,

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