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Sept. 2, 2021, 7:23 a.m. -  Andrew Major

I believe you totally would, and I might too if it weren’t for what I call the Starling Fallacy. The Starling Fallacy holds that somehow great geometry and shed manufacturing can overcome the performance issues of a true single pivot bike. And, since we know that great geometry is free and easily duplicated we can further boil down the fallacy to say that shed manufacturing alone can overcome said issues. You don’t even have to produce all your bikes in the shed - just some of them. And so, riders who absolutely would not accept the performance of a simple no-linkage true-uni-pivot design from a major manufacturer or even a smaller manufacturer (see riders talking about Orange bikes) will gush about the descending prowess of a Starling.  Just imagine the shit talk if Cannondale launched a modern version of their Prophet - light, simple… oh, “it sucks when braking, etc etc etc.” … Anyways, my idea here is to combine custom manufacturing with top-end rear suspension systems to get custom geo with the best performing rear suspension.

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