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Aug. 29, 2021, 12:51 p.m. -  Ceecee

This poor fellow tested lubes for three weeks and was criticized in the comments: []( WPL is biobased, but can I drink it? In future, will our choices be soybean, olive, lanolin, snake? "UNI-ABIL has licensed 16 formulated lubricants, greases and base oils made of high oleic soybeans that have been genetically enhanced for stability. These products meet and exceed industry requirements, and many do not cost much more than their petroleum counterparts. If these products can compete in performance and price, their environmental benefits will make them even more appealing to users. Products currently available from soybean oils include: tractor transmission hydraulic fluid, industrial hydraulic fluids for process and machinery applications, food-grade hydraulic fluids and greases, greases for use in automotive, railroad and machinery applications, chainsaw bar oil, gear lubes, compressor oil, and transformer and transmission line cooling fluids. Currently, field tests are continuing on two-cycle engine oils, metalworking fluids and other specialty lubricants." Multitasking doomsday preppers want to know

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