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Aug. 26, 2021, 8:47 a.m. -  Martin

I really love the WPL products that I've been using! I use ForkBoost to clean my fork, shock and dropper stanchions after a ride and wipe dry after a few pushes. It's perfect to pick up the leftover dust/dirt left after a quick clean, and everything feels super slippery afterwards. I do it religiously after/before a ride and I feel that it keeps dirt out of my lowers as much as possible. The 15Wt oil is perfect for fork lowers lubrication and is compatible with the WPL grease when the latter is used as a Slickoleum alternative. I was hesitant to use the WPL grease into bearings as it was a bit thin feeling, but this year I've packed a few with it and wow, they roll so much better than with the MucOff grease I was previously using! I'll see after a year how the grease hold up, but I was impressed by the slippery feeling. Next lowers service I'll use it too on my bushings/seals. The only place where I didn't substitute for WPL products yet is chain lube. I had a few bottles of the old ChainBoost which was too sticky and picked up a lot of grime. It was too messy to use so I gave them to friends to try. This year, I've been amazed by Squirt (which contains no organic solvents, <1% cov, isn't harmful either when reading the MSDS and biodegradable), but I'm curious to try the new WPL dry lube formulation. Squirt stays dry and doesn't pick up any dirt, which means I just run the chain into my mechanical chain cleaner without any liquid just to clean dust and debris. Then I add a drop of Squirt on each link and it dries before my next ride. So easy and clean, I honestly can't see how it could be better. (I have previously been using ProGold chain lube  for the last 15 years). I've always been really cautious with chemical products (I am the kind to read the MSDS before buying any chemical product) and I'm happy to use almost exclusively bio-friendly products for my bikes. (Mineral-oil is mandatory for my brakes too). I already feel bad for driving my car to the trailheads, at least I want to limit my impact in the environment when riding. And now with a kid, I try to limit his exposure to chemicals as much as I can. Thanks to WPL for helping with their awesome eco-friendly products!  Has anyone used Squirt and the new WPL dry lube formulation to see how they compare?

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