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Aug. 24, 2021, 9:59 a.m. -  Julian Sammons

Look up the "Sweat Buster" on Amazon. Best $14 I've ever spent,. now running them in all my helmets. Replaces the front part of the foam insert in any helmet (you have to cut it out). You can take it out, clean/wring it and throw it back in in seconds. It looks like it could keep your head too warm, but I've had no such issue. Aside from the sweat issue it solves, I actually found the biggest benefit is it makes all my helmets far more comfortable and snug. I was always disintegrating those foam pads, they'd get all salty from sweat, and I'd end up getting forehead rashes unless I wanted to deal with cleaning the pad and putting it back in each ride. Can't. Recommend. This. Thing. Enough.

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